Change the World with the Most Advanced Japan-Made
Antigen & Antibody

our vision

◆Make our antibody technologies to become a world standard.
◆Deliver the best quality antigen and antibody in the most effective way

DD Supply Co., Ltd. is a healthcare company established in Japan focusing on the possibilities of antigen and antibody with the management philosophy of "Change the World with the Most Advanced Japan-Made Antigen & Antibody."
The company's core business is to conduct antibody diagnostics, supply antigen and antibody, and develop and sell antigen test kits. We aim to provide Japan-made antibody drugs not only for the domestic market, but also for the global market in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.


The new coronavirus poses a human threat due to a pandemic.
In the early modern period, it could cause casualties comparable to the Spanish flu that raged worldwide in 1918.
Already, 20 million infected people and 730,000 dead people have already been confirmed as of August 11, 2020, and it is inevitable that the number will continue to increase in the future.
The biggest problem we are facing right now is that there is no cure. As an alternative drug, some existing drugs are used with the expectation of therapeutic effect, but no one can confirm the sufficient effect. As a result, 730,000 people have died and are increasing day by day, causing fear and confusion in society.
Due to something called Factor X, the severity rate, mortality rate, and number of infected people in Asian countries are lower than those in Latin America and Western countries, and Japan in particular has less sense of crisis than the rest of the world. It is true that there is.
However, even this X factor does not know what will happen if a virus that has become virulent due to a possible mutation appears in the future.
Vaccine development is being carried out all over the world, but the current situation is that we cannot be optimistic when the opinions of vaccine development experts are combined.

In the United States, which is the most damaged in the world, it is said that the development of monoclonal antibody drugs is currently the most promising, and it is possible not only as a silver bullet for infected people but also as an infection prevention effect during the presence of antibodies. Is recognized.
In fact, President Trump, who was infected with the new coronavirus, announced that he had taken an antibody drug and recovered 3 days after the infection. It also announced that it would strengthen support for antibody drug development in the United States and free antibody vaccination for the elderly.

We see the possibility that the development of a monoclonal antibody drug, which is a silver bullet, will be completed by the end of this year. Although the hurdles for drug discovery certification such as clinical trials and clinical trials are high, we will do our utmost to promote our business so that we can quickly realize global relief efforts.


  • 抗体検査

    Antibody Diagnostics

    We undertake IgG antibody diagnostics for COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) using N protein antigen and S protein antigen of "Saas-CoV-2."

  • 抗体検査用の抗原プレート

    Sales of Antigen and Antibody

    We provide antigen and antibody of “Saas-CoV-2” developed by our R&D partner, Order-made Medical Research Inc.

  • 簡易抗体検査キット

    Sales of Quick Antigen Test Kits for COVID-19

    We provide a simple test kit that gives an immediate result for COVID-19.

Company Information

Trade Name DD Supply Co., Ltd.
Main Businesses IImport / export, manufacturing development and sales of research reagents / equipment, ethical drugs, nutritional supplements, medical equipment, in-vitro diagnostic agents / equipment, diagnostic agents / pharmaceutical raw materials
President and Representative Director Hajime Odani
Established November 11, 2017
Annual Sales ¥10,000,000


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